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I'm borrowing

But it doesn’t meet the amount I need

I am using credit

But I must pay a lot of interest

I am trying to use a credit card

But my limit is not enough

I'm postponing my needs

But till when

I'm trying to save money

But I can’t manage

I am trying my chance with the crypto market

But I screwed up

There is no method seems sustainable…

… and needs await as a distant destination.

Meet briktir.com

To reach endless needs quickly;

the most innovative,


most reliable


What is briktir.com?

briktir.com; It is a new generation, blockchain-based social fund accumulation platform where subscribers can save in social solidarity for different needs together with the social circles they know and trust.

Small social groups that come together with the aim of reaching different needs easily, quickly, and safely can reach their dreams very quickly under the assurance of briktir.com.

How it works?

Subscribers create the group(s) for their needs or targets
Those who want to meet the same need gather in the group
briktir trusted platform manage everything in the backstage

biriktir.com assurance

Timely collection assurance from all group subscribers
Fair and transparent lottery assurance
Fixed price assurance for the target
Assurance of the rights of subscribers
Assurance of access to the subscribers' target
Assurance of the collected savings fund
What can be achieved with briktir.com?

briktir.com; for everything you want to achieve …

Physical Products



Game Console

Household Appliances

Cell Phone

Cash Savings

Currency savings

Gold savings

Fund savings

Stocks savings

Gem savings

Procurement of Services



Plastic Surgery

Health Service


Our Partners & Investors

What is BRX?

It is a digital currency created to protect the economic value of the funds collected on the briktir.com platform.

All savings collected in the fund are kept as BRX, participants can monitor the amount of BRX in their wallets at any time and see the remaining time to reach their goals live.

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